George the navigator

Steering through the art of communication

Expertise in Public Relations, Social Media and Journalism.

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PR, Communication and Social Media

International launch of luxury brands or local organisations needing guidance, everyone can benefit from a little helping hand.

Journalism & Copywriting

The printed word still rules. Powerful text and great copy help ensure your message is getting seen and heard in the right places.

Translations & Interpretations

Fluent in German, French and English with a working knowledge of Italian founded on studying Classical Latin.

Bugatti Trust

The Bugatti Trust is an independent Charitable Trust whose objectives are to preserve and make available for study the works of Ettore Bugatti.

Drive Tribe MLM Museum Learning Machines

Join in the brand new platform for motoring enthusiasts @drivetribe #driven

51 Fridays Beauty Blog

Every Friday ( well for at least 51 of them…) a full product review and beauty news.