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Half term out of the way, it is now back to the routine that involves a) my alarm going off at 6.20am and b) scrambling around the bathroom cabinet looking for a miracle ointment that will make me look wide awake when I bump into all the other early birds heading into their day. The clocks might well have gone back by an hour and it was a relief to see that Brexit has left this unaffected, but the combination of  more noticeable temperature variations –   -1 C this morning when we had 18C on Monday afternoon – with the need to gently crank the thermostat up… facial skin is beginning to look a little weary, and more specifically the eye area. So to my delight, the morning scramble came across a petite 15ml Ren product called ‘Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift’ which had enough buzzwords in its title for me to apply it around both eyes including the eyelids without even bothering to do a patch test first.


Ren ‘Eyelift in a bottle’ according to Guardian’s Sali Hughes

I have extremely reactive skin and wouldn’t normally advise this, at the same time, this is by REN and I have never had a bad reaction to a single one of their products so I was feeling confident. In fact, as a side comment, if there was such a thing as a desert island disk beauty product choice, it would have to be the REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash (obviously followed closely by a very powerful sunblock!) which will work on the most sensitive or temporarily sensitised skins (whether through illness, medical treatment, too much exposure to the elements…), it is a wonder. Anyway, coming back to my ‘beauty shot’ possibly named so because a very small amount of product is enough, it feels more moisturising than a gel and slightly lighter than a serum and has an immediate refreshing and soothing effect. I am checking the active ingredients at this point as I detect a hint of Rosa Damascena in the delicate fragrance – yes, it is in there- but the 3 highlighted key ingredients are a Tuberose extract, Hyaluronans and microalgae extracted phycocolloids.


Why we should all study phycology

I am not a scientist but the effect was clearly visible within a few minutes of the application and having initially been underwhelmed by the 15ml dispenser, I can now see that it should last for a good couple of months. You need a very small amount. I have always been a great believer in algae based beauty products, I was a huge fan of Phytomer when I lived in France, and my skin seems to agree. I am working on an Algenist serum and creme review next. The skin felt plumper, smoother and healthier which made the whole eye area look more awake.  I am typing this hours after the application and am still feeling the benefits. Apparently, you can reapply during the day, even over make up, tempting though remember… 15 ml… Earlier on in the year when the gel-serum was launched, Guardian journalist and beauty expert Sali Hughes called it an ‘eye lift in a bottle’, making it in my books the least scary and most affordable eye lift out there at the moment.  Have a great weekend everyone x


The perennial Polianthes tuberosa