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51 Fridays week 3 A little Halloween Shade coming your way | George the navigator
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For the first time in 10 years I have not spent the last week frantically carving pumpkins, hoarding sweets and weaving fake spiderweb throws around our door frame. Older children and suddenly the well practiced routine is gone. No more ‘gory’ blackcurrant smoothies or mini baked potatoes and twiglets turned into magic broomsticks with a little chive floss. In context, those were the easy years, the more teenagery approach to Halloween involves (unfortunately) a lot less parent involvement and a lot more group discussions on why this year, halloween is official scary again. Enter the clowns ! Thanks to several US clips that went viral at the beginning of the month, clown sightings have arrived on British shores and suddenly the idea of trick or treating in pseudo goth costumes does not sound quite so tempting anymore.

So with a few days to go till a genuine decision has to be made whether to give halloween a complete miss this year or not, I have turned my attention to something immensely more controllable… my make up bag. Having overspent last month to celebrate the ‘red lip’ campaign I was involved in, I am now the proud owner of several bright red  by Terry click stick lipsticks, but forgot in my enthusiasm that the lips, just as the leaves, are supposed to turn berry as we get closer to Christmas. But I have discovered a game changer, or more to the point, a colour changer lipstick by Lipstick Queen, a firm favourite of mine for spending equal amount of time developing the quality of the product as well as the design. As part of the Space NK autumn expert edition campaign, a number of their products were chosen as ‘hero products’, and this is where I found the ‘Black Lace Rabbit’ lipstick which comes out of the tube as the most Halloween appropriate shade of black with a barely visible metallic glint. Don’t get me wrong, I celebrate a black lip with the best of them, just not on me, anymore, self awareness is a good thing, what looks fab or ironic on the young lip and even not so young lip can look just very wrong on an older lip. But the real magic of the ‘Black Lace Rabbit’ is when it is used over other shades of lipstick. I have tried it on every one of my bright reds and the end result has been a wonderful range of claret, incarnadine and berry to match all winter eye make up. It has also an extremely moisturising texture which comfortably sits on top of some of the drier matt lipsticks without taken away from their staying power. It is fantastic on top of the new Le Metier de Beaute lip colours. I dare you not to want to play with this as it suddenly doubles the amount of lip colours hiding in your makeup bag! So have a great weekend, whether you are planning to embrace halloween (again) or decide that perhaps watching a scary movie with a delicious bowl of sweet and salty popcorn – which one will you get ? do you like both ?-  will be excitement enough!