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51 Fridays Beauty Blog

From a homemaking working mum

Back in July, 6 of us – Amisha Sharma, Juliet Gough, Kristy-Lee Heaton, Jenny Hawkins and Kate O’Connor – were picked out of 2,500 and won a competition based on an essay submission on beauty beliefs to be part of this Autumn’s ‘The Expert Edition’ advertising campaign for Space NK. Met truly fab ladies in front of and behind the camera and if everyone in this industry is as kind, thoughtful and lovely as the Space NK team, what a great industry to work in! The experience of being part of the models for a day, appearing as an official face with my 5 fellow winners in all the printed marketing material throughout all the company’s shops in the UK and the USA was just wonderful (I was allowed to write the lowdown for Oxfordshire Limited Edition magazine) but also a reminder how much I enjoy a good beauty product. Hence the beauty blog 51 Fridays – 51 because yes, I am 51, and Fridays, because I get to Friday every week and look for a bit of whimsy to lighten the day! And in the words of the great Dr Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory — ‘What’s life without whimsy?’ Instagram link to blog available every Friday via georgethenavigator or twitter link @GtheNavigator