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Drive Tribe MLM | George the navigator
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Drive Tribe - MLM

Museum Learning Machine

Project Drive Tribe


To coincide with the launch of Clarkson, Hammond and May’s ‘The Grand Tour’ TV series on Amazon prime this November, a new online digital hub called Drive Tribe will go live with the ambition of becoming the TripAdvisor for all things motoring. With financial backers reported to include 21st Century Fox to the tune of $6.5 Million, this ambitious project saw an initial launch through social media before the Summer asking keen motoring enthusiasts around the world to apply to become Drive Tribe Leaders in their particular field of automotive expertise and passion. Leaders will be responsible for uploading tribe relevant media content and leading discussion thread of benefit to the community. Media content can include articles, blogs, video etc…  Our pitch to become tribe leader for all things ‘MLM – Museum Learning Machines’ was successful and fast forward to November, we are now joining fellow tribes including ‘CHB – Crank Handle Blog’, ‘EF-Everything Ferrari’, ‘WME- Women’s Moto Exhibit’ and many more awaiting the Drive Tribe platform to go live so watch this space for updates!  http://drivetribe.com/#home

Our Tribe name : MLM Drive Tribe
Twitter:               @drive_mlm

The ‘Museum Learning Machines’ Drive Tribe is there to inspire, enthuse and open eyes to the learning potential and beauty that is vintage cars in museums with a special focus on vintage Bugattis.

For educationalist-petrol heads or should that be petrol head-educationalists passionate about inspiring TNG to enjoy all things historic cars by sparking their imagination with exciting car museum experiences whether with the roar of a 100-year-old engine roar and learning to draw motoring dinosaurs. Ettore Bugatti always carried a pencil to draw his next great idea, let’s inspire them to pick up a pencil for their big ideas, if this leads to choosing STEM subjects, great, if children just leave loving Bugattis and historic cars, brilliant!

Coming Soon……

With Amazon Prime welcoming Clarkson, Hammond and May, the time has come to give TV on demand via the internet a proper go. Got your Amazon Fire TV stick ready? And while you are enjoying The Grand Tour, why not get involved with Drive Tribe?

Helle Nice and her racing Bugatti

Helle Nice and her racing Bugatti

What a privilege and fun to be allowed to drive the Bugatti of Helle Nice. The resulting article was puplished over 4 pages in Classic and Sports Car magazine. Many thanks to those who made it happen.